Peaceful day

Spent a nice, peaceful day with munchkin today. It doesn’t happen everyday, so I’m grateful when it happens. 

A day when she’s not generally upset, when I’m not too tired, when she gets to have fun, I get to rest. 

We started the day at 11am (she’s been waking up pretty late recently), and she spent around an hour watching me iron clothes and tidying up the room. 

Dunno when the transition happened, but thankfully she’s now ok with me moving around doing things while in the bedroom. Somewhere along the line, she began enjoying spending time in the bedroom, and entertains herself quite well by crawling around, taking things out from her toy basket, climbing up and down the bed, etc. 

We then made our way to the living room and played on the playmat for a while. I decided to get some strawberries for us to snack on, and she followed me to the kitchen. 

Still remember the nightmare weeks when she would wail even if I just shifted slightly. Ah. How nice it is to be able to walk to the kitchen. 

After strawberries, I read her a story and played a while, and heated up our lunch. By then, Keith got home and we had our lunch. 

After lunch, we had a short rest in the bedroom before heading to Tanderra. She now loves the place and scoots freely around exploring while I sit at the sofa watching her. How nice. Her friends happened to come too, so that was awesome. 

We headed to the cafe for a crossaint to keep her tummy filled, then went to Great World City for grocery shopping.  She was surprisingly so ok with being in the stroller and car seat today! And didn’t whine for milk at all! Ahh how nice. Got home at 6pm or so, and Keith returned shortly after. 

Made dinner from 6:30-7:07pm (37 mins!).

It was bathtime for everyone afterwards, and we spent the remainder of the evening lounging in the bedroom. 

A divine, relaxing day that makes me feel like never having a newborn again, hahahaha. I do enjoy her nursing… But being able to go out and just feed her real food is also pretty awesome in a different way. 


Now that she has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth, this little twerp has been putting them to good use. 

Back when she was toothless, she would slowly gnaw on food to eat them, and oh how cute it was… Now she completely demolishes whatever’s in her mouth, with just 4 teeth! 

Ah this pumpkin. 


Lately this sweet girl has been giving kisses to the little boy in the book, all by her own accord. 

For some reason, she kisses the boy almost at every page, without being prompted. 

I’ve never kissed the boy before this, and there are no words in the book that’s even about kissing or hugs! 

Not sure why she’s so affectionate towards him, but aww.