Happy birthday to me

It’s my first birthday with this little munchkin around, and it’s considerably different. 

Celebrations are no longer as elaborate, and activities are centered more around her, than me. But it was not any less enjoyable. 

The day began at 12 noon, when she woke up. Her first present to me was letting me sleep in. 😄 

We spent early afternoon just rolling around in the bedroom, and headed out to Parkroyal Pickering for their high tea at 3pm. 

We didn’t realise that it was a reservations-only thing, but luckily we managed to get seated. Phew!

I think it’s a great place to bring a baby, mainly because the staff were all so friendly and absolutely loved Lorraine! She spent the whole time there smiling and laughing, which was awesome for everyone. 

The high tea set at $38++ (for 2 pax) was great value too.  

After high tea, it was almost 5pm and we headed down to Orchard Central for dinner at Dancing Crab! Yes, more food. 😅

I chose it for the messy eating with hands concept, so that Lorraine could easily join us at the table. 

Unfortunately, I think she accidentally ate some chilli and refused to eat in her chair after that. Oops. 

She ate on my lap for the remainder of the meal, but it was a good experience overall! Will try to find more occasions to come here to eat. 😄

The night ended quietly, without fanfare; only remaining were Lorraine’s palms smelling like crab and carrot. Hah. It was perfect. 😊

Zara baby

Yesterday Lorraine got dressed up in her 9-12m sized (sigh) Zara baby dress and I loved it! It was so adorbs. Thankfully it was a rainy day and we were going out in the evening, cos the suede material was pretty thick. 

We went to CSC Changi for Keith’s cousin’s 21st birthday. She even had a photo booth haha.   

I think this is the most “formal” photo we have taken so far! Unfortunately my hair looked a mess, because that’s pretty much how it always looks now. 😩

But wouldn’t you look at that munchkin! Haha. Staring straight at the camera n all too. 

We took her out of the carrier at the end of the evening just as we were leaving, to test if she would be OK, and surprisingly, she was! She even let everyone play with her and smiled shyly a few times. Tee hee. Good job bunny! 

Lo hei

Recently we went to Tung Lok Xihe for our annual lo hei dinner. 

Food was great, especially the mango dessert with coconut ice cream! I never used to like sweets before pregnancy… Oh how that has changed. 

We used the manduca today instead of the babasling, and indeed Lorraine was in a much better mood. Recently, she has had inconsolable bouts of crankiness, possibly due to her growth spurt. It made Chinese New Year and other gatherings much harder than they used to be. 

We finally speculated that she could be too overwhelmed by large crowds and noise, and also that the babasling was much harder to sleep in since it doesn’t have very good neck support. 

With a standard ssc, she can basically hide inside and peek out (so cute), and take a nap whenever she wants. Which is what she did. It saved her, and also saved us in turn.