Where did all my time go?

It’s been a trying year, 2017. 

Lorraine started waking up every 1-2 hours since Feb (it’s been 3 months now). I tried weaning her and failed. I couldn’t win.

It was a toddler screeching at the top of her lungs, right into my ear, in the middle of the night, with frantic tugs and crying MAMA NO MAMA MAMA MIK MIK MAMA NOOOOOO… for 2 hours straight. 

I could deal with that, and get no sleep myself and die the next day, or give in and let her have her milk 4 times every night. I’m still exhausted but it was the lesser evil.  

So, this sleep thing, and then on top of that, she got bronchiolitis. I don’t know how or when she got infected, but urgh. It spread to me, then Keith. 

At one point, all 3 of us were coughing and running a fever. And then Keith hurt his back so bad he couldn’t walk. And so did I. I also fractured my rib from coughing too hard. 
And through all this, Lorraine needed to go out, needed her diapers changed, baths, meals, entertainment… and she still woke up every hour at night. 

Fun times indeed. 

Life without help
Goodbye 2016