Happy birthday to me

It’s my first birthday with this little munchkin around, and it’s considerably different. 

Celebrations are no longer as elaborate, and activities are centered more around her, than me. But it was not any less enjoyable. 

The day began at 12 noon, when she woke up. Her first present to me was letting me sleep in. 😄 

We spent early afternoon just rolling around in the bedroom, and headed out to Parkroyal Pickering for their high tea at 3pm. 

We didn’t realise that it was a reservations-only thing, but luckily we managed to get seated. Phew!

I think it’s a great place to bring a baby, mainly because the staff were all so friendly and absolutely loved Lorraine! She spent the whole time there smiling and laughing, which was awesome for everyone. 

The high tea set at $38++ (for 2 pax) was great value too.  

After high tea, it was almost 5pm and we headed down to Orchard Central for dinner at Dancing Crab! Yes, more food. 😅

I chose it for the messy eating with hands concept, so that Lorraine could easily join us at the table. 

Unfortunately, I think she accidentally ate some chilli and refused to eat in her chair after that. Oops. 

She ate on my lap for the remainder of the meal, but it was a good experience overall! Will try to find more occasions to come here to eat. 😄

The night ended quietly, without fanfare; only remaining were Lorraine’s palms smelling like crab and carrot. Hah. It was perfect. 😊

Collecting passport

I got an email from ICA a couple of days ago, saying that Lorraine’s passport was ready for collection! 

Made an appointment online for today and here we are! 

It took only a short time, despite us being a late because yknow, babies. Just kidding it was totally me who delayed the whole thing. Oops. 

Now she’s all ready to travel! I wonder if this means that I can no longer use the biometric gate though?

Jurong East Library

At Jurong Library today. This might just be my new favourite hangout!

Lots of other kids to keep Lorraine entertained, spacious, clean, she can climb everywhere, lots of toys, and of course, an endless number of books to read. 😄

Bonus! Parking is just behind at Jcube, and I got a lot right at the lift, a family lot hehe. Yay to being able to park in family lots.