Cruising + self feeding

So she can cruise along the side of the bed now! Crab walking almost half the length of the bed! She has been going down herself and getting to the toy boxes all by herself haha. 

Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find her there. 

Look at that derp face haha. 

And recently, she crawled to me while I was lying face up, and helped herself to some milk wow. And seemed pretty pleased about it too ha. 

Getting from bed to floor

I just saw her rotate to the right angle, and wriggle backwards until her feet were on the floor, and then she stood up!

Wah when did she learn how to do that?!

The other day, she saw Keith come home and smiled happily and crawled around 2m from where she was, until she reached him. 😂 awwww.


Today she finally figured out how to move forward! It’s pretty rudimentary at this point, but I suspect it’s going to be full blown crawling soon!