Zara baby

Yesterday Lorraine got dressed up in her 9-12m sized (sigh) Zara baby dress and I loved it! It was so adorbs. Thankfully it was a rainy day and we were going out in the evening, cos the suede material was pretty thick. 

We went to CSC Changi for Keith’s cousin’s 21st birthday. She even had a photo booth haha.   

I think this is the most “formal” photo we have taken so far! Unfortunately my hair looked a mess, because that’s pretty much how it always looks now. 😩

But wouldn’t you look at that munchkin! Haha. Staring straight at the camera n all too. 

We took her out of the carrier at the end of the evening just as we were leaving, to test if she would be OK, and surprisingly, she was! She even let everyone play with her and smiled shyly a few times. Tee hee. Good job bunny! 

A long day
Sensitive little munchkin